Technology In Marketing: Austin Trahern Explains How It Impacted Businesses

Technology has paved the way towards the improvement of many industries. Through the power of machines, we can do tasks more efficiently and accurately, even with minimal human assistance. The same trend is also observed in the marketing industry, where experts shifted from print and TV towards websites and social media.

Business and marketing expert Austin Trahern from Denver, Colorado, has witnessed the impact of technology on the potential of many entrepreneurial ventures. After graduating with an MBA from Louisiana State University Shreveport, he participated in several projects that took off using tech-based marketing strategies.

In the following sections, discover how the marketing potential of many businesses drastically improves with technology, as explained by Austin Trahern.

Austin Trahern from Denver, Colorado, Examines Technology in Marketing

Reaching Beyond the Local Audience

There’s an outdated mindset that businesses can only reach as far as the communities they serve. Conventional marketing only allows for a limited reach. When staff can only give away flyers, talk on the local radio, or give out their business cards in the local area, the furthest marketing a business can go is within the city.

However, technology broke the barriers of limiting marketing only within the local community. Now, businesses can serve clients across states or even countries. Many digital services such as content creation, design, editing, customer service, or IT-related jobs can now be marketed worldwide.

As a result, this makes for a broader range of potential clients and more revenue. When you offer services and products internationally, the possibilities are limitless.

Low Startup Costs

Some entrepreneurs who want to dip their feet into tech-based marketing can now freely do so without the inflated costs. According to Austin Trahern, building a website or hiring a marketing agency can be as low as $20 a month, which all depends on your personalized needs.

Conventional marketing such as paying for billboards, TV ads, or being featured in magazines can be costly. So, a better alternative would be tech-based marketing strategies such as:

  • Search engine optimization: Hiring SEO experts to help you search and rank for keywords relevant to your business niche.
  • Social media marketing: Creating a content strategy and sponsored posts on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest is a great way to market on social media.
  • PPC advertising: Placing clickable advertisements on websites, search engines, and other places online where the target audience can potentially view your content.
  • Content marketing: The use of written, audio, video, graphic, or any other material to promote products and services digitally.

These digital forms of marketing can be cost-effective, and some of them are even offered for free. There’s a wealth of information online on how you can get started on the digital marketing basics as well.

Austin Trahern from Denver, Colorado, Explains Focused Strategies

Laser-Focused Strategy

Traditional marketing often targets whoever can view your promotions. It is often difficult to confine a certain demographic and only show them your marketing materials.

For example, it is not a guarantee that people who read the newspaper will be interested in your advertisement, given that there’s such a large variety of people who are reading the morning paper.

With tech-based marketing, one has a better potential to reach the right audience because of laser-focused strategies. This is often done through search engine optimization, which means the promotions will only show up for people who are likely interested in your business, rather than going through aimlessly on a general population. A laser-focused strategy also helps to:

  • Increase the return on investment (ROI): Since you are only targeting a certain group of people, there is better ROI as there will be more closed leads per the number of audiences reached.
  • Have more savings: You can save money by putting your resources only on keywords or advertisements that will reach your ideal audience.
  • More workable resources on diverse strategies: With a laser-focused marketing strategy, you have more time and money to focus on other things for your business. As much as possible, you want minimal costs with the maximum results.

Saving Time and Scaling Your Business

When you think about marketing tasks as an entrepreneur, you’ll realize that it is a complete role in itself. There are so many things involved in promoting one’s product and services and figuring out a workable strategy that works for your business.

Thus, using tech-based tools to market businesses can help in saving time and scaling your new venture. Some tasks can be automated, such as scheduling social media posts, having pre-formatted templates, sending out emails to the target audience, and having a built-in customer service on the line 24/7.

When you save time, it is easier to scale your business. As previously discussed by Austin Trahern, you will get more resources to think about crucial steps to grow your empire. This includes more time for product and service refinement, reaching out to valuable potential partnerships, or taking care of administrative tasks.

Tech-Based Marketing: A Potential Beyond Limits

Tech-based tools in marketing did not just deliver many entrepreneurs’ expectations. They served as open doors for limitless potential. Even as we see so many developments in digital marketing, the future holds brighter promises. Whether you’re a new or seasoned business owner, Trahern believes that going digital is the future of marketing.

Austin Trahern a marketing professional from Denver, Colorado. After completing his undergrad, he received his MBA from Louisiana State University Shreveport.