Prioritizing Your Nutrition While Working From Home: Austin Trahern Shares Simple Hacks

The “new normal” definitely has shaken old routines we have known. There may be some of us who are used to grabbing a smoothie and a sandwich on the way to our workplaces prior to the 2020 lockdown restrictions, making healthy eating quite convenient and fuss-free. Now that there are a growing number of people who are working at home for good, it can be challenging to add one’s nutrition to the top of our priority list when we have so many other things to think about.

Marketing professional, Austin Trahern from Denver, Colorado, recognizes this potentially problematic situation. As someone who has worked from home juggling multiple tasks virtually, Trahern realized that many remote workers can struggle with preparing nutritious meals on a busy schedule. However, he believes that eating well-balanced meals is essential to an energetic body and alert mind for remote workers.

In this post, Austin Trahern shares some ideas on how to stay healthy at home through easy-to-apply nutrition hacks.

Austin Trahern From Denver, Colorado, Explains Nutrition While Working From home

Take Supplements First Thing in the Morning

Many people want to commit to taking supplements at some point within the day, but eventually forget because of a busy schedule. To maximize the digestion of supplements, it is best to take them in the morning with or without a meal, depending on the specifications.

Building the habit of taking supplements first thing in the morning helps you to:

  • Stay consistent: If you are taking supplements for a nutrition deficiency or a health condition, consistency is your ally when it comes to better healing.
  • Better absorption: During midday, you may have eaten or drank some food already. There is a chance that if you drink supplements after consumption of large amounts of food, not all its contents can be processed properly.
  • Enhanced performance: Some supplements are taken for their immediate effects. Whether you take some for focus, energy, or other enhancements, you will most likely benefit from taking it before your work day.

Have a Stash of Easy and Healthy Breakfasts

It’s hard to focus when you’re hungry and low on energy in the morning. Unless you’re doing the habit of intermittent fasting, you should have a stash of easy to consume healthy breakfasts.

These options should be high in protein, low in sugar, and has a good amount of healthy fat. Ideally, carbohydrates can also be part of your breakfast, but choose options with a lower glycemic index to prevent sugar crashes within the day.

Austin Trahern shares some easy breakfast options for busy work-at-home people:

  • Greek yogurt and berries: Greek yogurt is packed with protein and berries are relatively low on sugar but high in antioxidants. This combination is a perfect energy booster in the morning.
  • Hard boiled eggs, whole wheat toast, and spinach: You can make an open-faced sandwich with these three items and you can prepare it beforehand. Adding a light sandwich spread or grated cheese also makes it a tasty meal.
  • Overnight oats: Oats are never boring if you try to mix in the right toppings. Add cinnamon, milk, and oats in a jar, and in the morning add some fruit or nuts and you have an instant breakfast.

These breakfast options are as easy as buying them prepared from the grocery store and are easy to create and stash the night before.

Smoothies to Get Your Greens

Austin Trahern From Denver, Colorado, Suggests Smoothies

Some of us are not really a fan of eating greens as they are. On top of that, even the most enthusiastic salad-eater may not consume enough greens and vegetables throughout the day. One suggestion by Austin Trahern is to make green smoothies that taste just as amazing as regular fruit shakes.

Some combinations of green smoothies you can try include:

  • Mango, banana, kale: Try mixing mango, banana, kale, along with almond milk for a sweet and hearty smoothie treat. You can also turn this into a smoothie bowl by adding berries or nut seeds on top.
  • Strawberry, blueberry, spinach: This mixed berry treat feels light and refreshing. You can also add lemon juice for extra zest, or milk for a creamier texture.
  • Pineapple, mango, spinach: This combination has a tropical taste, similar to a pina colada. You can also add milk if you want a creamier smoothie, or simply use the original ingredients for a lighter taste.

Creating these smoothies is as simple as having pre-cut and pre-washed ingredients ready in the fridge and using your blender to create single-serve smoothies. Smoothies can also serve as meal replacements, especially if you plan to add protein powders for a filling treat.

Make Hydration Easy

When you’re juggling a ton of back-to-back virtual meetings, it can be hard to even stand up and get a glass of water. Make sure you are staying hydrated by having an insulated flask or jug of water by your desk.

This makes frequent drinking a habit. There are also containers which are as big as the amount of 8 glasses a day, making it easy for you to get in the right hydration for the day. You can just simply bring your jug anywhere in the home whether you’re staying put or going from one room to another.

Nutrition as a Work-At-Home Professional: Planning is Key

The main takeaway with all these hacks is planning ahead and finding ways to sneak in your nutritional priorities without making drastic changes. Trahern believes that small, easy-to-apply changes lead to profound results, and this can be applied both in work, business, or overall wellness.

Austin Trahern a marketing professional from Denver, Colorado. After completing his undergrad, he received his MBA from Louisiana State University Shreveport.