Business and Marketing Expert Austin Trahern Shares the Benefits of Getting an MBA

Austin Trahern from Denver, Colorado, Explains the Benefits of an MBA

Pursuing a Master’s degree for most people is like getting the icing on the cake. It is easy to assume that getting a graduate degree isn’t necessary, but something nice to have. However, some graduate degrees will open your doors for more opportunities towards career and financial success.

Business and marketing expert Austin Trahern from Denver, Colorado, understands this crossroad after graduating with his own Bachelor’s degree. Trahern wondered if getting a Master’s degree in Business Administration was worth considering the time and costs. Fast forward years later, he found that there are significant benefits to getting your MBA. In this post, Trahern highlights some advantages he experienced after obtaining his Master’s in Business Administration.

Increased Job Opportunities

An MBA is often the golden ticket to many industries. Almost all fields in business are looking for a business administration professional who understands the best practices in higher-level management.

By getting an MBA, you can either:

  • Reach a management position in your Bachelor’s field: Since business administration applies to most industries, it is possible to have a managerial position on your Bachelor’s career line through your MBA degree. If you have a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy, getting an MBA means that you can apply for a rehabilitation department head position through your degree.
  • Shifting industries: If you plan to change career paths but are unsure of opportunities that appeal to you, an MBA is a safe bet to get something above entry-level positions in other industries.

Knowledge and Skills as an Entrepreneur

If you’re planning to take the entrepreneurial route, Austin Trahern believes that you can gain valuable knowledge and skills by taking an MBA. Business administration degrees teach you the different aspects of management, marketing, finance, operations, and other important philosophies that will help take your new venture off the ground.

Some people jump into creating a business without prior knowledge of making a profit, attracting customers, or creating a stellar offer. With an MBA degree, you can learn about the various ideologies on business management that you can follow to get great results.

Networking Advantages

Austin Trahern from Denver, Colorado, Discusses Networking Advantages

When getting a Master’s degree in Business Administration, you can also network with colleagues who have experience working on fields you are aiming for. You will get to meet professionals from all walks of life, and they can give you referrals to different companies or other people they know that may provide you opportunities.

Some areas of networking through your MBA degree include:

College Organizations:

Each college will have its own degree-related organization for members to participate in. Usually, there will be events such as conventions where you will get to meet your colleagues.

Inter-University Organizations:

Some organizations are not confined within the college but are inter-university bodies. You can meet other professionals with different degrees during virtual or in-person events. These organizations can also hold job fairs where you can meet key persons from interesting companies.

Fraternities and Sororities:

Getting past the stereotype of popular media, fraternities, and sororities are also lifetime memberships where you can get many networking opportunities. Fellow members can refer you to companies they have worked for, help you with ideas, or even partner with you on ventures you wish to start.

Improved communication skills

Another skill that you will eventually develop when getting an MBA is communication. Since you will be presenting reports, discussing with group members, or stating your argument in class when taking an in-person MBA degree, you will further refine your communication skills, especially in the area of business management, such as:

  • Collaborative discussions: The ability to gather ideas, uplift others, and resolve conflicts within the team is essential in solid business management.
  • Public speaking: Presenting ideas to a larger crowd can be nerve-wracking for some, but you will gain more experience through an MBA degree.
  • Listening and nonverbal communication: Picking up cues, listening to your communicative partner, and understanding underlying nonverbal gestures help you attain essential goals in business.
  • Written communication: Writing your thoughts in a tone and grammar that suits your objectives will also be valuable when creating documentation in a career or business.

Austin Trahern also states that communication skills are essential when trying to get new job offers. It can help you explain yourself eloquently during interviews, present your reports to decision-making teams, and resolve conflict within your department.

Increased Salary

If you are presently employed, getting an MBA is sometimes a prerequisite to obtaining a management position with a higher salary. Some companies would even offer you an MBA degree with their sponsorship to hire you for a higher-level position.

An increased salary through an MBA is almost always guaranteed, especially if you are promised a higher position in the same company.

Master’s in Business Administration: A Road to Advancement

To summarize all the benefits mentioned above, Austin Trahern explains that the general advantage of an MBA is an overall career or entrepreneurial advancement. Whether it’s in the area of finances, knowledge, skill, or self-actualization through a higher position, getting an MBA is a road that will get you there.

Austin Trahern a marketing professional from Denver, Colorado. After completing his undergrad, he received his MBA from Louisiana State University Shreveport.